“Blue Monday” 2019

“Blue Monday” 2019

For the last 13 years, the third Monday of January has been awarded its stigmatizing name, Blue Monday, over a mathematical formula developed by a then-tutor at the Cardiff University, Cliff Arnall. The catch? Arnall devised the date for a travel company, Sky Travel, as a PR stunt to motivate people to travel during this “depressive time”.

The mathematical formula, [W + (D-d)] x Tq ÷ [M x Na], includes factors such as weather, debt, monthly income, time since Christmas and broken New Year’s resolutions, low motivational levels, and the need to take action. Now a worldwide phenomenon, the faulty logic is actually doing more harm than good as it denotes the significance of depression and mental illness.

Statistically, we know one in five individuals will experience a mental illness or addictions concern in any given year. And that suicide is among the leading cause of death among young people in Canada.

Last year, CMHA Calgary launched #Turni2We where Peer Support Workers, Recovery Trainers, agency staff, and community members shared stories of hope, connection and belonging to reflect how we are changing our approach to mental health services in Canada, one person at a time. The unique service delivery model of Peer Support is designed to be able to provide help and support for anyone on any journey.

CMHA Calgary offers Peer Support Services – the opportunity for anyone looking for a connection with others, who is new to the mental health or addiction community, or looking for information about a mental health diagnosis, the chance to speak with someone with lived experience.

CMHA Calgary also offers free skill-building courses based on recovery and wellness through our Recovery College. For more information or to register, click here.

Here are some helpful support services and resources for mental health in Calgary, in addition to the services offered at CMHA Calgary.