Children’s Mental Health Day – Hull Services #MHWeek17

Children’s Mental Health Day – Hull Services #MHWeek17

May 4th is officially Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day.

A day recognized across the globe, this is a time for organizations who work with children and families, school boards, charities, and millions of like-minded individuals to stand up and proudly proclaim their advocacy for children’s mental health.

Hull Services is a leader in children’s mental health and has been working to improve the lives of Calgary children and their families for more than 50 years.

On Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day—which is officially proclaimed in Calgary by Mayor Nenshi—Hull Services staff will take to the airwaves and attend events to raise awareness about the one in five children and young people who face a mental health challenge. That’s more than 60,000 kids in Calgary. Similar numbers are found across the continent.

Hull Services is responding to this public health crisis. In 2014 Hull became Canada’s only flagship site for the ChildTrauma Academy based in Houston, Texas. Through CTA we have partnered with world-renowned psychiatrist/neuroscientist Dr. Bruce Perry; a pioneer in trauma informed care. By offering a developmentally-informed, biologically-respectful approach to working with thousands of at-risk children in Calgary we aspire to achieve our vision where children are free from behavioural and mental health issues that impact them, their families and community.

Trauma: physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect – demands that a caring society respond to such maltreatment in a sustained manner so that we can change the trajectory for thousands of children and families in our community. If we fail to act we face the prospect of children suffering with mental health challenges that continue into adulthood with the result being fractured relationships, lifelong addictions, homelessness, crime and more. The financial toll is in the billions; the human suffering incalculable.

For more information about Hull Services visit and on Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day please follow our activities on Twitter @hullcalgary and Facebook at Hull Services.

For more information about trauma informed care please read the article published in ALIGN Journal From Theory to Practice Residential Care for Children and Youth Special Edition Vol. 3 March 2017,   What Does It Mean to be Trauma Informed? From the Perspective of the Neurosequential Model written by  Emily Wang, PhD., R. Psych. Director of Trauma Informed Services, Hull Services.

Thank you,

George Ghitan, Executive Director, Hull Services

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