Day 1: About 60 Conversations in 60 Days

“With my newfound love for myself and my incredible support system, I have done things over the past few years that I would have never imagined possible.” – Kelsey

“I worked closely with my medical team and alternative practitioners to slowly replace my medication with meditation and conversation and slowly the good days outweighed the bad.” – Katey 

“Our family’s love was strong enough to resist the rollercoaster ride of emotions.” – Mona

60 Conversations over the next 60 days. From January 18 to March 18, 2016, Canadian Mental Health Association Calgary Region – in celebration of 60 years supporting mental health and wellness in the city – will be hosting a wide-ranging, no holds barred community-wide conversation about mental health. The #NowImStronger campaign is taking a strength-based approach to the mental health conversation.

The conversations will ask those who have faced mental health and addiction challenges the important question What Makes You Stronger?  CMHA is providing the platform; participants are providing the open, honest conversation about mental health and addiction which will be profiled. The conversation will change daily, offering stories that are as diverse as individual blogs and video stories to an NHL game, a youth mental health summit, and even Beauty Grams with the Northern Beauties donating singing telegrams for Valentine’s Day.

Information gleaned from the conversations and social media streams will be taken and analyzed for themes which emerge to help guide the future of mental health and addiction service planning.

Laureen MacNeil, Executive Director of CMHA Calgary said the intent of the campaign is not just about creating a conversation but truly listening to what people who have faced mental health and addiction challenges identify as the strengths which have help them find hope, resiliency and recovery. “It’s really about changing how we look at, and how we talk about, mental health and addiction. It is taking a positive look at an issue that affects us all in some capacity and then using what we find to enhance supports for the best possible outcomes at a community level.”

The campaign kicks off tonight (January 18th) with an event featuring some of the campaigns conversations, live performances from local artists, and interactive activities to inspire strength and challenge the stigma around mental health.

”We want the Calgary community to get involved. We want to know what makes you stronger. We are looking for your views and comments on our featured story daily. Share with us your conversation on social media using #NowImStronger. Engage those around you. Encourage your friends and family to share their story. Donate to CMHA – Calgary and support our programs and clients so many others will be able to begin the journey of healing and recovery. We are all in this together.”

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