Community Engagement Volunteer – Tradeshows

Community Engagement Volunteer – Tradeshows

CMHA – Calgary Region gets frequent invitations to attend health and wellness fairs at various workplaces, community centres, schools, or other public places. Attending these events is a great way for us to let people know what kinds of services CMHA offers. Also, it is an excellent opportunity for us to talk to people about mental health and, through our information pamphlets, answer questions about various mental disorders or mental health issues.

To represent CMHA at our booth does not require expert knowledge about mental health, or involve counselling people. It does involve having some knowledge about CMHA programs and how to refer people who have questions to the appropriate resources. You will be trained by the Community Engagement Team given adequate instruction on how to set up the display booth and material, on CMHA programs, and how to respond to questions from the public. Volunteers will not be sent to an event on their own until they are 100% comfortable with doing so. Initial events will be attended with a CMHA staff person. Volunteers will be required to pick-up and drop-off the required material for the tradeshow. Everything will be prepared and ready to go by a CMHA staff member.


CMHA – Calgary Region is committed to connecting volunteers with the right position for themselves and the organization. Thank you again for your interest in CMHA – Calgary Region. Click here to complete our Volunteer Application form.

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