Mental Health Mind Map Podcast Series

#Episode 7: How certain foods can boost your mood

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In this Mental Health Mind Map podcast series, three Calgarians share their experiences with food and its impact on their mental health.

By Brittany Willsie, Hailey Payne, and Mackenzie Hermann

Tired. Sluggish. Blocked. One doesn’t have to look hard to find research showing the link between poor nutrition and foul mood.

Catherine MaCallister is a Peer Support Worker at CMHA Calgary and has facilitated the Food and Mood workshop. Myra Murias is a nutrition expert and an instructor with the free course, which is part of the CMHA’s Recovery College.

MaCallister completed the course and now challenges people to clean eating for 21 days.

“I know you can break or form a habit within 21 days, so I challenged myself if I can stick this out… something will kick in.”

Debbie Cheeseman recently completed the CMHA’s “Food and Mood” course.

She shares she has successfully managed anxiety and depression through clean eating. It is also important to take it “breath by breath but it does get easier and better — it’s really just finding what works for you,” she says.

Murias advises people to pay attention to foods that might trigger lower moods, and to remember that “You are the expert on your body because we know experts can’t even agree.”