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CMHA Calgary offers a range of programs and services to the community. Select one of our programs below.

You can also download and print our Programs & Services brochure.

  • Continuing Connections

    Continuing Connections strives to enhance the quality of life of adults who have a mental illness and reside in a continuing care facility. Client referrals are accepted through staff at facilities. The program connects residents with their community and encourages activity to reduce feelings of loneliness caused by isolation.

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  • Education

    CMHA Calgary offers a range of mental health education programs for students, community groups, workplaces and organizations. Topics include mental illness, stigma, stress management and more.

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  • Family Support

    Family and friends often have a difficult time coping with a mentally ill relative or friend and wonder how best to help. The Family Support program provides caring support and specific information and resources to aid individuals in maximizing their ability to assist those affected by mental illness while staying balanced in the process.

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  • Independent Living Support

    The Independent Living Support program (ILS) supports clients to live independently in the community by providing: emotional support and encouragement; life skills coaching in areas such as budgeting, nutrition, self-care and wellness; referrals for professional, community, and social supports and resources; education and awareness around mental health illness; and coaching the development of strong coping skills to manage their mental health illness and their recovery.

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  • Leisure & Recreation

    The Leisure Recreation Program (Leisure Rec.) is available to CMHA clients already enrolled in programs. The program focuses on enhancing self-esteem, building confidence and promoting recovery in a safe, empowering environment through participation in social and recreational activities.

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  • Peer Options Program

    The Peer Options program provides individuals a safe place to share with peers with lived experience who are now focused on wellness and recovery.  Together participants learn the value and skills of building healthy friendships, as well as strive to develop peer support networks and transition to the community.

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  • Peer Support

    Our Peer Support service provides the opportunity for anyone – individual, family member or professional – looking for a connection with others, who is new to the mental health and/or addiction community, or wants information about a mental health diagnosis the chance to speak with someone with lived experience.

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  • Street Outreach and Stabilization Program

    Up to 70% of homeless individuals have a mental health concern. The Street Outreach and Stabilization (SOS) Program helps to address the needs of these hard to reach individuals by connecting and working with them. SOS is often the helping hand that is needed for these individuals to regain control of their lives and their illness. Program recipients can transition to other CMHA services, and in time, move towards independence.

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  • Suicide Bereavement Support

    The experience of a suicide-related loss is often isolating because of the stigma that is attached to this type of death. The Suicide Bereavement Support program offers a variety of services such as one-on-one counselling, a psycho-educational support group, individual peer support, and a drop-in group as well as educational presentations and debriefings to assist survivors in dealing with these issues.

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  • Supportive Living

    The Supportive Living program provides support services to those who have experienced difficulty living independently because of a mental disorder. Services are tailored to the client’s level of need and can include development of daily living skills such as cooking, shopping and budgeting, development of social skills, emotional support, connection with community resources and more.

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  • Client Experience Survey

    Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) – Calgary Region is working to continuously improve based on feedback received by individuals who have participated in our programs/services. Collection of information from the Client Experience Surveys will be used for the purpose of program evaluation and planning. All feedback provided through the Client Experience Survey is anonymous – we are not asking for your name. Data will be aggregated, which means, the collective information will not allow for individual identification.

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Reach out for help

Contact the Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region for more information at (403) 297-1700 or email: info@cmha.calgary.ab.ca.