Rack Your Brains – Saakhi Chhatwal

Rack Your Brains – Saakhi Chhatwal

Have you ever walked into a room full of people, and felt like you cannot connect with a single person present there? What if I rephrased that, and asked whether this room was actually full of people you already know? I know I have, and I still do sometimes. The only thing that helps me deal with that situation, however, is the fact that I am willing to talk about it anyway, because I know that I am not the only person who feels that way. I realized this when I began to notice that a lot of the people I knew were struggling with the same things that I was, and were not willing to talk about it. That, in turn, made me feel awkward and ashamed for letting my thoughts out and as a result, I began to bundle it all up inside. Soon, I came to realize that that was extremely unhealthy and that if I wanted to start living a normal life again, I would have to start sharing my journey, and trusting that there are people out there who go through the same thing, and sometimes, much worse.

Mental illness is a very wide term, because there are so many facets to it and so many little things that fall into the category. Anxiety, depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), even feeling excessively angry – these are all mental illnesses that need to be spoken about freely, in order to be treated properly. As a society, however, we tend to shy away from talking about these things, and often miss an opportunity to save someone from the drastic repercussions of a mental disorder, because we are too afraid of what the next person might think of us. Our self-worth and image starts to dwindle in front of our eyes, and eventually, we suffer alone.

Therefore, in honour of every single person who has had to fight this fight thinking they were alone, we would like to host an event for you, and by you.

The event is called Rack Your Brains, and will be held on June 11 at Discovery Pointe (1121 6 Ave SW). It is primarily a clothing swap, where you may either bring your own clothes to trade with the ones you like, or may even buy out what you love. There will also be a silent auction, and high-tea style treats and activities such as a smoothie bar, a photo booth, a DIY spa table, a baked goods table, as well as other scrumptious and healthy snacks.

At the event, we will have two guest speakers – one from CMHA and the other a guest closely related to me who will be speaking about her personal journey in public for the first time.

100% of the proceeds generated from this event will be donated to CMHA, and there will be care packages prepared for the people who come out and talk about having similar experiences, as well as share the details of this event with their circle. All you have to do is RSVP to the facebook group “Rack Your Brains”, invite 5 people you know, and tag those people in a post on the event page with  #reachouttogether.

Please come out and support, and always know that we’re all in this together!


Vendors and guests who will be joining:

  • Pecan Baking Co. (Giselle Wedemire) will be providing baked goods.
  • Winnie Chan Photobooth will be providing a fun photo booth.
  • Catherine MacAllister, Peer Support worker at CMHA – Calgary, will be speaking.

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