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Up to 70% of homeless individuals have a mental health concern. The Street Outreach and Stabilization (SOS) Program helps to address the needs of these hard to reach individuals by connecting and working with them.

SOS is often the helping hand that is needed for these individuals to regain control of their lives and their illness. Program recipients can transition to other CMHA services, and in time, move towards independence.

For more information about the SOS programs call (403) 297-1700.

Download and print our Street Outreach and Stabilization brochure.

The SOS program links clients with psychiatric and medical treatment to help with their mental illness, financial resources to help them get back on their feet and housing so they can live in safety and comfort. Once a client is referred, an SOS coordinator discusses their requirements, strengths and preferences to develop an individualized service plan. The service plan identifies areas of need, as well as outlines the services and activities necessary for the client to meet identified goals and improve their journey to recovery.

The program offers:

  • Awareness and access to community resources;
  • Transportation training;
  • Linkages to essential community services;
  • Leisure and recreational opportunities;
  • Teaching of daily living skills;
  • Referrals to housing resources;
  • Help finding legal assistance;
  • Aboriginal SOS Services.

Intake to the SOS program usually occurs in shelter facilities or other community-based partner agencies. A referral can be received from any professional or can be a self-referral. The client must consent to the referral in all cases. An SOS coordinator will meet with a potential client and will assess their needs. If the client is not ready for direct service, the coordinator will continue to build a rapport with the client through the outreach component until a stronger relationship is developed. Once an intake and assessment is complete, and the client is willing to be part of the program, a service plan will be created.

We are currently updating our intake forms. Please check back for future updates or contact 403-297-1700.

Click here to view a copy of the Street Outreach Team’s weekly schedule and walking route.

Each Monday Aboriginal Outreach Coordinator John Chief-Moon walks the following route to connect with individuals who may be homeless and/or sleep rough.


Reach out for help

Contact the Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region for more information at (403) 297-1700 or email: