#WhyIRide – ATB Financial Advocate Sponsor

#WhyIRide – ATB Financial Advocate Sponsor

We are pleased to announce ATB Financial as an Advocate Sponsor for this year’s Ride Don’t Hide event!

Kerilee Snatenchuk with ATB Financial is their lead for mental health strategy, which launched 5 years ago. ATB Financial and Kerilee have been involved with Ride Don’t Hide since the inaugural ride in 2014 starting with 4 team members and growing to 28 riders in 2017.

“We had been working on some Workplace Mental Health training and hosting a live feed for the Bottom Line Mental Health Conference. Ride Don’t Hide in British Columbia was well established and there was an interested in creating a similar event to raise awareness and funds in Alberta. I was happy to share the event to our internal network of cycling enthusiast and also amplify our message of mental wellness and stigma reduction inside ATB.”

Ride Don’t Hide is a community bike ride hosted, nationally, by the Canadian Mental Health Association, with the goal to raise awareness and help break the stigma surrounding mental health while raising essential funds to support mental health programs in our community. The community event is a ride, not a race, with routes designed for riders of all ages and abilities – from the beginner rider to the advanced cyclist.

“As I love cycling and have a passion for creating psychologically safe spaces, getting involved in Ride Don’t Hide, both personally and professionally made sense. With a growing population of Albertans struggling with mental health issues, being a part of this Ride and inviting colleagues to participate seemed like a unique way to get louder about mental health,” said Kerilee.

In addition to being a Ride Don’t Hide sponsor, CMHA Calgary and ATB Financial have recently formed a partnership. The partnership will provide more tools and resources for ATB leaders and team members to help them recognize, address and recover from mental health issues. It will also explore how best to support Alberta’s growing population of entrepreneurs as they manage the financial pressures of running and growing a business, integrating their life and working and constantly innovating.

“Professionally and from a workplace perspective, I truly believe that the right environment, one that is psychologically safe and healthy, can really impact the individual, the community and a business bottom line,” said Kerilee. “Providing all employees with the tools to support each other and to build their own practice of self-care has made a difference to our organization and also highlighted where opportunity exists to do better.”

Kerilee also said mental health awareness and understanding is important to her personally as mental illness is much more prevalent in her personal and professional circle than she had known as a young person growing up in Manitoba.  She said that the ability to affect change in small ways by being more aware, having training and growing her own self-care is important to her and she is passionate about making change happen for others.

ATB Financial is an Advocate Sponsor of the Calgary 2018 Ride Don’t Hide. Click here to join or donate to their team. The Calgary 2018 Ride Don’t Hide event is aiming to raise $175,000 with 550 riders to help support programs and services at CMHA Calgary Region.

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