Support CMHA with a Fundraiser!

Thank you for your interest in hosting a fundraiser with proceeds supporting CMHA Calgary. By hosting a community event, you have the unique opportunity to raise funds and share the message of mental wellness in the community.

By connecting with us, CMHA Calgary’s Community Engagement team can help provide support and share resources to help educate your networks about mental health, our programs, and services.

Please submit your proposal at least one month before sharing or holding your event.

Step 1: First please decide which fundraising concept, matches with your vision.

If you are interested in hosting a 50/50 raffle, wine survivor, gift basket draw, or prize draw at your event, CMHA Calgary can help with getting an AGLC license. Licenses can take 2-3 weeks to acquire, so please provide enough time for the license to be processed. To host a raffle, read through AGLC’s regulations (2 pages). An AGLC license will not be approved if information is missing or unclear.

Step 2: Once we receive your proposal, we will contact you to provide support as best as we can.

If you have questions about hosting a Community Fundraiser, please contact our Community Engagement Team at

Single Day Fundraiser

Proceeds from a BBQ, sporting event, wedding or birthday party would come to CMHA Calgary.

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Multi-Day Fundraiser

You want to host a tournament, corporate challenge or concert series.

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School Fundraiser

You want to host a fundraiser while representing your school or as part of a school project.

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Individual Sale Revenue

You are selling a product/service with part of the sale proceeds coming to CMHA Calgary.

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Business Sale Revenue

Single or multiple business(es) selling a product or service with part of the sale proceeds coming to CMHA Calgary.

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