Adult and Workplace Education

CMHA Calgary offers a range of virtual or in-person mental health education program sessions for adult community groups, workplaces, and organizations. Topics include mental health awareness, stress management and healthy coping, suicide prevention, and more.
Adult Mental Health

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These flexible CMHA Calgary workshops can be offered in 15 – 90-minute sessions, and are tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse schedules and work structures.

Stress Management and Healthy Coping

Attainment of a healthy mind and body begins with understanding how to balance the ever-changing demands of life. This interactive workshop provides an overview of what the stress response is, and how it impacts our lives. Through this workshop, participants will develop an awareness of their own particular stressors, and how to cope in healthy ways.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is about achieving personal balance, and finding this balance can be an ongoing learning process. This workshop breaks down common misconceptions surrounding mental health, mental illness, and stigma, while providing a preventative approach to personal wellness.

Suicide Prevention

The Suicide Prevention workshop provides a compassionate and informative discussion around suicide as it seeks to dispel myths, outline warning signs and protective factors, and connect people to professional resources.

“Thank you so much for your excellent, informative and engaging presentations on mental health and mental illness that you gave to our community. We appreciated your facilitator’s light touch with such a delicate subject. We found your facilitator to be respectful of people’s dignity and appreciated your caution around not diagnosing our friends and family! The depth of your knowledge showed, and we gleaned so much from your training and experience.”

-Adapted from feedback following an adult learning session