When you work at Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region (CMHA Calgary), you can take pride in the fact that you are part of a team that is helping some of the most vulnerable people in our society lead more fulfilling lives. You are building a better community by contributing to CMHA Calgary’s efforts to combat the stigma associated with mental illness and raise awareness about the importance of mental health.

Working at CMHA Calgary

CMHA Calgary is a caring, compassionate workplace where employee wellness is valued. We take our vision statement seriously: our employees are part of the vision, ‘mentally healthy people in a healthy society’. CMHA Calgary is a non-profit organization that envisions mentally healthy people in caring communities. We increase awareness and understanding of mental health, mental illness, and recovery.

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We are currently accepting applications for the following:

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As our city emerges from the pandemic, many among us are facing the social, economic, and emotional consequences of a prolonged public health emergency. CMHA Calgary will play a critical role in addressing the effects of the pandemic.

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