Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is Over; Now What?

Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is Over; Now What?

For the past 13 years, CMHA Calgary Region has hosted Survivors of Suicide Loss Day. It is a time where members of the Calgary and area community impacted by the loss of someone dear to them by suicide have an opportunity to meet, share, find hope and healing in the stories of others who understand the difficult journey as none other can.

A community is created in the sharing. But what happens after the day? Where does the community find connection after hearts have been opened in this safe place?

CMHA Calgary has an entire Suicide Bereavement program which consists of one-on-one counselling, drop in groups, formal longer-term healing groups and the development of peer supporters who have been through this journey and are now at a place in their healing to support others. The Suicide Bereavement community welcomes anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide or anyone supporting someone who is grieving. These programs are always accessible by calling our main office. And information can be found on CMHA’s website which outlines in detail the many programs available. We welcome you to join this community and connect with others who truly understand and support where you are at in your grief journey

This year, CMHA Calgary has also added a new support which acknowledges the role technology plays in our busy lives and how this can be harnessed for longer term support. This is particularly helpful for those who live outside of the city and find it harder to make the appointments and meetings.

We partnered with Curatio, an app building organization which builds what they call “social prescriptions” to create a special app for the suicide bereavement community. The app was launched on November 4 at Survivors of Suicide Loss Day. However, anyone who has experienced a loss by suicide is welcome to join, whether in the beginning stages or further along in the grief journey. The app features access to symptom tracking tools and information on grief, hope, and healing after a suicide loss and provides a sharing forum which is monitored by our counselling department for additional support if required.

Connection is a critical element to moving through a difficult journey such as the tragic loss of a loved one to suicide. Whether through our traditional onsite programs, or through the new Curatio Suicide Bereavement Community, CMHA Calgary makes that connection possible.

Get the app at Curatio, the Apple App Store, or on Google Play.

To access the Suicide Bereavement program at CMHA Calgary call 403-297-1700.

Remember you don’t have to make this journey alone.

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