Build Mental Health Literacy: NEW Mental Health Resource Guide for Parents and Caregivers!


For some young people, a combination of mental health concerns, lack of protective factors, and the absence of family-based resiliency can lead to higher rates of delinquency, violence, and crime-related activities. 

We are aiming to break this cycle by providing authentic, resiliency-focused interventions in schools and community groups, for youth and parents, specifically designed to develop their mental health awareness, literacy, and supportive skills. 


CMHA Calgary is excited to expand the YouthSMART programming (Youth Supporting Mental Health and Resiliency Together) to better serve the needs of at-risk children and youth ages 8 – 24, as well as their parents, guardians, and caregivers. 

Through four workshops, and one parent resource guide, the youth and family offerings of YouthSMART will be delivered to young people, as well as parents (guardians/caregivers/allies) connected to school and community groups, and will emphasize the key factors of Mental Health Awareness, Stress Management, and Healthy Coping, while also providing information on supportive relationships, self-efficacy, perceived control, adaptive skills, self-regulatory capacities, mobilizing sources of hope, connection, and positive community links.  

The expanded youth services will ensure even more young people have access to the YouthSMART program within their natural hubs (schools, community groups, faith centres, recreational clubs, and sports teams) while the family offerings will empower parents with the mental health knowledge and skills necessary to understand how they can support their own mental health while supporting the wellness of the youth in their care.  

The Mental Health Resource Guide for Parents and Caregivers is designed to build mental health literacy for supportive adults and will empower those who care for youth to develop their own mental health and the mental health of their children. While this guide uses the terms “parents” throughout, the information is appropriate for anyone who supports or cares for young people in any way. 

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The development of this extended programming is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Government of Canada – Public Safety and the City of Calgary. 

“We all deserve to feel safe and be safe, no matter where we live, work, learn or play,” says Robbie White, Team Lead of Community Funding Strategies at The City of Calgary. “With funding provided by Public Safety Canada, The City of Calgary is eager to partner with local youth serving organizations such as CMHA Calgary to better support young people involved with, or at risk of becoming involved in, gangs.”

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