Turning Mental Health Experience Into Community Expertise – Fall Appeal

Turning Mental Health Experience Into Community Expertise – Fall Appeal

We have big news! CMHA Calgary’s School of Peer Support has just celebrated its first graduating class. Our 2017 class consisted of 36 graduates and we already have a long list of applicants for our next session. This is a massive step forward in advancing peer support and improving community access to much needed mental health and addictions supports and services.

“Cori’s Story

Imagine a place where connections begin. A place of belonging, where living with a mental illness is a shared life experience that opens up the opportunity to help others making that first brave step to living openly and authentically. That’s what I found when I first connected with the CMHA Calgary. After decades of hiding my mental health condition came the opportunity to help others. I realized that my experience was expertise! I was one of the first group of 36 to graduate from the School of Peer Support. Supported by community we were part of CMHA Calgary’s unique training program consisting of 120 hours of classroom learning and a paid internship where we could put our skills to use, supporting those making that first connection to CMHA.”

The CMHA Calgary School of Peer Support is co-developed and co-delivered by, and for, individuals and family members who have first-hand experience and knowledge of the difficulties faced when tackling mental health or addiction issues. Research has shown that individuals and communities as a whole benefit greatly when trained peers are involved in the design and delivery of mental health and addiction services. CMHA Calgary believes in the power of Peers helping Peers and the value of embedding lived personal experience into all our programs and services. Funding for CMHA’s peer support training program is made possible thanks to donors like you — with your support there is no cost to those enrolled.

Your Support is Empowering!

CMHA Calgary’s School of Peer Support provides individuals from across Alberta with the opportunity to use their lived experience to inspire and connect with someone living with mental illness or addiction. Graduates of our training program are successfully employed by CMHA Calgary and other community focused agencies. Our Peer Support Workers are highly valued for their experiential knowledge, their newly honed helping skills and the immediate connection and rapport they have with individuals in need of support. Like agencies across the world that have adopted peer support, CMHA is now able to better serve more individuals who need it! This success is proof that we’re stronger together. With your support we can expand and enhance our School of Peer Support, create hope, build community connections, and cultivate a sense of acceptance and belonging



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