Day 12: Addictions and Mental Health Sectors Working Together

“I truly believe that if we work together we can make a significant difference.”

For the first time in Calgary, representatives from both the addictions and mental health sector as well as from government and the non-profit sector have come to work together. The Calgary Council for Addiction and Mental Health (CCAMH) was created in 2015 to provide a unified voice for Calgary agencies who provide services to people suffering from addiction and mental health issues. Today, representatives will be meeting to develop a strategic action plan. Their objectives are to identify the current state for the Calgary sector, identify and prioritize key gap areas and agree to areas of focus and shared goals for Council members.

“I look forward to assisting in developing the foundation for our sectors to move forward collectively for the betterment of Albertan’s who struggle with addiction or mental health issues,” said Kim Turgeon Co-Chair and of Aventa Addiction Treatment for Women. “I truly believe that if we work together we can make a significant difference.”

CCAMH was formed as a result of the GAP-MAP and Auditor General recommendations on better integration. The group intends to enhance recovery rates by decreasing the return to primary services and providing for continuity of care, influencing public policy, creating more efficient and effective advocacy and identifying future trends through research.

“With the formation of the Council, we have the exciting opportunity to be leaders, activating on the recommendations of both the GAP-MAP and Auditor General’s report to bring together Calgary agencies from across Addiction and Mental Health to ensure better outcomes for all Albertans living with a mental health and/or addiction issues,” said Callum Ross, Co-Chair and of CMHA – Calgary Region.

With a large network of Calgary’s mental health and addiction services, CCAMH will be a home for any of the sectors shared projects or initiatives as CCAMH’s intent is to be collaborative with shared ownership.

Members of the CCAMH include, but not limited to: Simon House Recover Centre, Hulls Services, The United Way, Sunrise Native Addiction Services Society, Recovery Acres, Fresh Start Recovery Centre, Potential Place Society, The Calgary Counselling Centre, Calgary Distress Centre, Alcove Addicition Recovery Centre for Women, Calgary Drug Treatment Court Society, Alpha House, Calgary Dream Centre, Aventa Addiction Treatment for Women, Keys to Recovery, Oxford House and CMHA Calgary.

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