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3 Million Committed to Mental Health in Alberta

The Provincial Government is committing funds to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

Three million dollars has been given to the CMHA to expand the Recovery College model past Calgary into more communities across the province.

According to Jason Luan, Associate Minister of Mental Health, “Recovery is a priority for our government. Albertan’s deserve the ability to access the recovery services they need to help them live healthy, productive lives.”

The funds committed to the CMHA will help, and be used to build and support recovery colleges across the province with the goal of increasing access to help individuals with addictions and mental health with long-term recovery.

Recovery College helps patients in a variety of ways using community orientated approaches. People in recovery share what works, and the colleges teach individuals and families the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to work towards improving their quality of life.

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Our Peer Support program services can be accessed over the phone at 403-297-1402 or through email at peer@cmha.calgary.ab.ca.