CMHA Calgary Strengthens Workplace Mental Health with Support from the Government of Canada


The Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region (CMHA Calgary) is grateful to be a recipient of $100,000 in funding from the Government of Canada’s Community Services Recovery Fund, thanks to the United Way Calgary and Area (UWCA). This funding bolsters the ongoing enhancement and redesign of CMHA Calgary’s Mental Health and Wellness Workplace Education program, focusing on addressing isolation, fostering connection and improving mental health literacy.

CMHA Calgary’s Mental Health and Wellness Workplace Education program offers a range of Adult and Workplace Education sessions addressing topics such as stress management, mental health awareness, and suicide prevention. By leveraging insights gained from a comprehensive employee survey and piloting the program internally, CMHA Calgary aims to equip workplaces with the tools necessary to promote mental well-being in the post-pandemic era.

The Community Services Recovery Fund aims to bolster community service organizations as they navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic. With nearly 5,500 projects funded nationwide, CMHA Calgary is honored to be among the organizations chosen by the UWCA to receive support.

“Community service organizations are often the first to identify and respond to emerging needs, and they are often the ones best positioned to create real change at the local level,” said Jenna Sudds, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, in the Government of Canada’s announcement.

“Through the Community Services Recovery Fund, the Government of Canada recognizes and supports the critical role these organizations play in building strong, resilient and inclusive communities. This funding will help these organizations expand their reach, build their resilience to better adapt to emerging challenges, and make a greater impact on the lives of the people they serve.”

As CMHA Calgary continues its mission to promote resilient and mentally healthy communities, the support from the Community Services Recovery Fund represents a significant milestone in its journey towards mental health for all.

To learn more about how CMHA Calgary supports individuals and organizations through its Adult and Workplace Education Sessions, visit or click the link below.

Adult and Workplace Education Sessions

About United Way of Calgary and Area

Everyone needs a hand at one point or another, and everyone deserves a fair shot at a good life. That’s why United Way exists—to improve lives locally. But in a city of nearly 1.4 million people, it is impossible for one individual or organization to respond to all the social needs—strong partnerships are key to creating change in our community. United Way of Calgary and Area operates within a strong network of social services to build a connected system of community supports so everyone has access to programs and services when they need them, guaranteeing daily assistance for our community’s most vulnerable people.

About Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region

For over 65 years, the Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region (CMHA Calgary) has raised awareness, provided education, and offered support to individuals and families facing mental health or substance use concerns. Our long-standing belief is that recovery is possible and are committed to delivering wellness and recovery-oriented services to our community.

You are not alone. There is help.

If you’re struggling with your mental health and need immediate support, please don’t hesitate to phone the 9-8-8: Suicide Crisis Helpline or Distress Centre Calgary at 403-266-4357.

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    Adult and Workplace Education

    CMHA Calgary offers a range of virtual or in-person mental health education program sessions for adult community groups, workplaces, and organizations. Topics include mental health awareness, stress management and healthy coping, suicide prevention, and more.

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