Community Champions for Mental Health: April – June 2023


The warm breeze of spring brought more than just sunshine this year – it brought together a community of passionate individuals and organizations dedicated to supporting mental health for all.

From conquering mountains to completing triathlons, we are overwhelmed with gratitude as we reflect on the incredible community fundraisers that have taken place this past April to June. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the impactful fundraisers that have made a difference in the lives of those we support!

Brady Marsden’s Mental Altitude Fundraiser: Reaching New Heights for Mental Health

Brady Marsden embarked on an extraordinary journey with his Mental Altitude fundraiser. With a goal of conquering 15 peaks in Mexico, Brady went above and beyond by summiting 22 mountains in just 12.5 days! His motivation? To inspire others to persevere, just like he did on his challenging expedition. Brady’s fundraiser raised an impressive $3,000 for CMHA Calgary, proving that determination and community support can truly elevate our mission.

TAQA Calgary‘s Charity Hockey Tournament: Skating for a Cause

TAQA North Ltd demonstrated their unwavering commitment to mental health by hosting their annual charity hockey tournament. Through a combination of 50/50 cash raffles, prize raffles, and a silent auction, they raised an astonishing $21,274 for CMHA Calgary. This incredible support enables us to continue providing vital services to individuals and families seeking mental health support.

Westburne West‘s Ongoing Mental Health Initiative: Empowering Wellness Together

In May, Westburne West launched a meaningful mental health initiative that resonates with our mission. Designating a monthly mental health day for their team, Westburne West showcases the importance of self-care and mental well-being. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Westburne West for choosing us as the recipient of their ongoing fundraising efforts, promoting mental health awareness and resilience within their organization.

HotShop YYC‘s Charity Spin Class: Spinning for a Purpose

Gillian and Camila, instructors at HotShop YYC, went the extra mile for mental health. On June 25, they generously offered a free charity spin class to the community, encouraging donations in support of CMHA Calgary. Thanks to their dedication and the community’s generosity, a total of $238 was raised, demonstrating the power of coming together for a common cause.

Century Downs Racetrack & Casino‘s Inspiring Initiative: Betting on Mental Health

Century Downs Racetrack & Casino showed their commitment to mental health by hosting a fundraising event on May 27.

 “As somebody that struggled with mental health, it’s very important to me that everybody gets the help and resources they need much earlier in life than I did. It’s an amazing world out there, people should be able to enjoy it,” shared marketing consultant for the Alberta Standardbred Horse Association, James Jungquist.

Raising a whopping $4,177 through donations, a 50/50 raffle, and a silent auction, we thank Century Downs for helping CMHA Calgary provide the resources needed for those with mental health or substance use concerns to live a fulfilling life.

David Alexander’s Triathlon Triumph: Striving for Mental Health Advocacy

David Alexander demonstrated remarkable dedication by completing the Wasa Lake Spring Triathlon in under 2 hours. His inspiring journey included a 750m swim, a 20 km bicycle ride, and a 5km run. Exceeding his fundraising goal, David raised an impressive $6,842 for CMHA Calgary. His achievement underscores the impact of personal commitment in driving positive change.

Real Canadian Superstore‘s Cashier Ask Program: Making a Significant Impact

Real Canadian Superstore displayed their commitment to mental health by raising an impressive $10,990 through their annual Cashier Ask Program. Shout out to the Southport Road Real Canadian Superstore, who was the highest selling store!

Together We Thrive

From conquering mountains to completing triathlons, each of these fundraisers has left an indelible mark on our organization.

You too can make a difference. Consider hosting a community fundraiser or pledging a portion of your sales to support CMHA Calgary. We look forward to sharing your great support in our next community appreciation blog!

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