Community Partner: Gateway Calgary


Gateway is a new collaboration among local organizations to better serve and support newcomers who choose to make Alberta their new home.

Gateway serves as a personal guide to help each newcomer through their unique journey, connecting them to the right service at the right agency, every time.

The current support system for newcomers is complex and hard to navigate, which is why 60% of newcomers to Canada don’t ask for help. The creation of Gateway is to simplify and improve the settlement process for all newcomers.¹

In this partnership, we are providing programs and services to newcomer families and individuals in need of mental health supports through our Peer Support program, Recovery College, and Counselling.

Our mission with Gateway is to create a sense of connection, hope and belonging with every newcomer who comes to CMHA Calgary for mental health support.

Jytte Maleski, Team Lead of our Recovery and Peer Support Team speaks further about the contributions CMHA Calgary will provide within the Gateway partnership. Thank you to Gateway Calgary for collaborating with us in order to ensure mental health access to all newcomers.

¹“Why Gateway,” Gateway Calgary.  


Our Peer Support program services can be accessed over the phone at 403-297-1402 or through email at We have teamed up with other Calgary agencies to help Calgarians quickly and easily access various counselling and social supports. Visit, where you can book online for our Suicide Bereavement and Family Support Counselling, and other supports. If you prefer to still book through us, please phone (403-297-1708), or email (