Energize Don’t Hide Highlight: Kathy W.

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This is Kathy’s first year participating in Energize Don’t Hide thanks to the encouragement and passion of her co-worker Carmen who participated in past events. Kathy has used this experience to expand conversations within her work team, and spread awareness about mental health.

“It’s important to me to help support CMHA Calgary because mental health does not discriminate against anyone. Being able to help individuals access resources they may not have had the opportunity to do so only makes sense.”

Having dealt with a previous loss, Kathy knows all too well how significant it is to find that helping hand through difficult and isolating times.

“Several years ago I lost a relative, as well as a very prominent role model in our community to suicide. I spent a lot of time looking for answers — answers that were not there. Through different available resources made, I started to educate myself about mental health and wellness, and soon learned I didn’t need to look any further than my own doorstep to realize how important support is.”

Every one of us is on a journey and we do not need to understand everyone’s but to not judge, be kind and empathize is so important.

Kathy’s Energize Don’t Hide journey has been nothing short of an adventure either out in the mountains or close to home with family. She has surpassed her initial fitness goal of 3,300 minutes of activity achieving almost 4,500 minutes!

“I am a morning person, so I am usually up and energizing before work. I LOVE to take advantage of the amazing outdoors, whether it is running, hiking, biking, or just out being a kid and playing with the grandkids. To be up to watch the sun rise — now that is energizing. I have also been able to participate in community walks that raise awareness for mental wellness.”

Through her network of colleagues, Kathy has passed her initial fundraising goal of $1,500 reaching almost $2,000. Since Kathy isn’t on any social media accounts, she has utilized her voice to fundraise for herself, as well as a team member of Imperial Oil’s Kearl One team.

“I have talked to a lot of people and shared with them as much as I can about the [Energize Don’t Hide] campaign.”

To donate to Kathy, please visit their Energize Don’t Hide team page.


View Kathy's Page


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