July 30 is International Friendship Day


The idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities was the sole idea for the creation of International Friendship Day proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 2011.

With camaraderie and strong ties of trust in place, we can all contribute to the fundamental shifts that are needed to achieve lasting stability, protection, and passion for a better world where all are united for the greater good.¹

Be respectful, kind, honest and open-minded—this is the art of friendship.

Art of Friendship

One of our online Recovery College courses, Art of Friendship, demonstrates how strong friendships can give us the power to be our true selves, despite the mental health challenges that are present in our lives.

The Art of Friendship course will help you learn about yourself—what you say, the way you act, and how all of your actions can affect relationships with others.

Our Peer Support Workers who have lived experience with mental health or addiction challenges, are present every class to validate and support students to build an interdependent community among themselves, and eventually with others.

The Art of Friendship is an excellent course that supports those living with mental health and addiction concerns to take responsibility for their own wellness. The recovery model empowers them on the journey to build better friendships and learn tools and skills. Friendship is definitely an “art”, and the course equips students to move out of their isolation and truly connect with others with a lived experience of mental health and addiction concerns.
Hugh | Recovery Trainer

This course aims to focus on helping students build rapport with other participants and facilitators by showing them how to communicate, resolve conflict, explore different values, needs, and feelings while continuing to grow and develop self-worth and self-awareness.

Express Your Gratitude

Whether it’s a random act of kindness or a planned celebration, showing your friends how much you appreciate them is an important part of lasting friendships. Check out the following list of activities you can do to demonstrate your gratitude for your friends.

Write A Friendship Appreciation Letter

Grab a pen and paper and write down how much you appreciate your friendship in a letter—reflect on happy memories and let them know that you are grateful for their place in your life. Turn this one-time activity into an annual celebration of your friendship!

Host A Movie/TV Marathon

When is the last time you and your friends watched your favourite movies/television shows? Get everyone to carve some time out of their schedule, grab their favourite snacks and come together to watch and reminiscence!

Go To The Park

Invite your friends, and their families, to a day out in the park. Pack up a delicious picnic and have a casual day out in the sun.

Find A Local Outing

Whether it’s an outdoor concert, drive-in movie, marketplace, or play, plan to attend something that interests you and your friends while supporting your local community.

Host A Potluck Dinner

It’s probably been quite a while since seeing all of your friends and their families all in one place. Host a potluck dinner to celebrate and cherish your lasting friendships.

Live In Solidarity

As we recover from the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must remember to be grateful for the friendships that helped us through this difficult time and not take those who love, appreciate and protect us for granted.

Continue to build friendships by uplifting and defending those that are undermined by the world’s challenges and always remember that friendship is the simplest form of solidarity.

¹”International Day of Friendship 30 July,” United Nations, accessed July 26, 2021, https://www.un.org/en/observances/friendship-day


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