Registration Open! Join Energize Don’t Hide 2020 Challenge!


CMHA Calgary is inviting you to participate in our 2020 summer wellness campaign and virtual Energize Don’t Hide event between June 21, 2020 – September 21, 2020.

Consistent activity is important for your physical and mental health. Our event is encouraging Canadians to set a fitness goal and challenge others to match your energy! Begin by registering for Energize Don’t Hide. We suggest registrants donate $20 to support continued CMHA Calgary programs and services. You would then reach your goal by completing 20 minutes of exercise daily to activate your mental and physical health. Don’t forget to challenge and energize your friends, family members and colleagues to match your 2020 Energize Don’t Hide goal.


How does it work?
Our virtual event is a free online interactive event and gathering, that allows registrants to participate in a way that fits best for each individual’s interests and ambitions. You can cycle, run, stretch, dance, meditate or anything you want! Be active on your own, with your family or connect remotely.

Set your goal and be active!
Once you register, create your three-month fundraising goal and start logging your physical activity, whether it be indoor or outdoor, by joining our Strava club Energize Don’t Hide 2020 Challenge.

The best way to track your daily activity, and be a part of a community and some friendly competition, is by joining our Strava club and selecting the event of your choosing. You can track your activity through the website or automatically log your workouts when you download the app. Don’t worry if you miss a day or two, just keep going! You can do a little bit every day or track your progress once a week.

Change your goal anytime
Continue to challenge and take care of yourself. If you reached your goal faster than you expected, you can change your goal anytime!

Challenge yourself, your friends and family
Encourage your family and friends to energize and register with you! You will more likely achieve your goal and build a feeling of connection if you have a group to support and be active with you. Challenge others on social media to match your energy and don’t forget to share your photos and videos with us!


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