#HowIEnergize – Mohammad Asif’s Story


Why mental health matters to me and sharing my story.
I’ve faced some significant health concerns, including strokes that have really impacted my life. And I know the importance of having strong mental health to help get through difficult times. Because of my strong belief in mental health and wellness, I’ve been able to overcome challenges, and also share some of my learning through coaching my team members.

I was pleased to share my story on Global TV this week: Canadian Mental Health Association looks to energize Calgarians during COVID-19 pandemic with new long-term campaign.

Why RBC supports a positive mental health workplace.
I’m really proud that RBC is so committed to ensuring a healthy workplace for all of our team members, so we feel supported when it comes to mental and physical health. When we are at our best, we can better support our colleagues and our clients with what they need. At RBC we have access to wellness resources, benefits programs, events, and much more. RBC has been supporting CMHA Calgary for a number of years, including a $100,000 gift to support their Peer Support Program and Recovery College. We truly believe in the important work they do.

Why I registered for Energize Don’t Hide and set-up a team.

A CMHA Calgary educational presentation to all of our staff at RBC in Alberta really helped me and that’s where I learned about Energize Don’t Hide. I’ve always been interested in fundraising and I wanted to do my part so I engaged my team members and leadership to support the campaign. I also had previously organized fundraising, wellness events for my team members, including a growth mindset workshop, Zumba and meditation sessions. We know RBC always sponsored CMHA Calgary and as part of our personal community envelopment I decided to support the campaign. I have been supporting mental health since COVID-19 has thrown many Canadians in financial, physical, and mental stress. Organizations who are supporting mental health are facing two major challenges. There are more people who need help and it is not easy to raise funds and awareness. Kindly join me, my team ‘RBC Calgary North’ and accept my challenge and participate in Energize and Don’t Hide.

Get involved today: Donate, Energize, Share, and Challenge others.

About Energize Don’t Hide 2020 Challenge
Energize Don’t Hide is a summer-long wellness campaign and virtual event between June 21, 2020 – September 21, 2020. Consistent activity is important for your physical and mental health. Energize Don’t Hide is encouraging Canadians to set a fitness goal and challenge others to match your energy! Begin by registering for $20 to join Energize Don’t Hide and set your fundraising goal to support continued CMHA Calgary programs and services.

How does it work?
Energize Don’t Hide is a virtual event, that encourages you to participate in any way that fits best for your own interests and ambitions. You can cycle, run, stretch, dance, meditate, or anything you want! Be active on your own, with your family, co-workers, or connect remotely.

Set your goal and be active!
Once you register, create your three-month goal and start logging your activity whether it be indoor or outdoor. Check out the Start Energizing page for recommended training platforms and workouts. Don’t worry if you miss a day or two, just keep going! You can do a little bit every day or track your progress once a week.

CMHA Calgary is proud to partner with local fitness instructors to help you get energized and stay energized! When you register for Energize Don’t Hide 2020 Challenge, you will gain access to FREE and discounted virtual classes. Download our monthly Fitness Calendar, Wellness Bingo Card and Class Overview in the ‘resources‘ section of your account to get sign-up information. Read about our instructors and class opportunities on the Start Energizing page!

Track your fitness progress by becoming a member of CMHA Calgary’s Strava club by searching for Energize Don’t Hide and start training with other cyclists, walkers, and runners! Strava is one of the best training tools for individuals and families of all different levels. Join our club and start connecting with others!

Challenge yourself, your friends and family
Encourage your family and friends to energize and register with you! You will more likely achieve your goal and build a feeling of connection if you have a group to support and be active with you. Challenge others on social media to match your energy and don’t forget to share your photos and videos with us! @CMHACalgary #Energizedonthide #2020challenge #Howienergize

Change your goal anytime
Continue to challenge and take care of yourself. If you reached your goal faster than you expected, you can change your goal anytime!


Our Peer Support program services can be accessed over the phone at 403-297-1402 or through email at peer@cmha.calgary.ab.ca. We have teamed up with other Calgary agencies to help Calgarians quickly and easily access various counselling and social supports. Visit www.communityconnectyyc.ca, where you can book online for our Suicide Bereavement and Family Support Counselling, and other supports. If you prefer to still book through us, please phone (403-297-1708), or email (counsellingintake@cmha.calgary.ab.ca)