NEW EQUIPPED COURSE: Skills for Being There


Skills for Being There

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our EQUIPPED program with a third course offering called “Skills for Being There. 



If you haven’t heard of EQUIPPED, it is an online mental health education platform that offers free, self-directed courses for young adults.

When someone is struggling with their mental health, it can often be the people closest to them who first notice something is going on.


Our latest course, Skills for Being There, equips emerging adults with the necessary knowledge to improve their supportive skills, recognize warning signs, and encourage help-seeking behaviours. 

The content in this module will focus on topics such as empathy, the ethics of helping, setting boundaries, etc.

Along with the online module, young adults will be able to expand their learning with an accompanied workbook containing activity-based learning. While designed for those 16 – 24 years old, each EQUIPPED course can be taken by anyone to learn more about their own, or their friends and family members experience with mental health and wellness.

Each course, including Skills for Being There, takes approximately an hour to complete but can be paused and resumed at any time giving the opportunity for EQUIPPED users to develop their intrinsic motivation to learn further about mental health.

The Skills for Being There module was made possible by a donation from the RBC Foundation. Thank you RBC Foundation for your incredible support.

“Learning to support someone struggling with their mental health is important. That’s why RBC Foundation is proud to partner with CMHA Calgary to help youth develop the skills and confidence needed to safely support anyone struggling and connect them to the help they deserve.”

– Jerilynn Daniels, Director, Community Marketing and Citizenship, RBC

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The EQUIPPED program was created in 2022 and initiated by a donation that was provided to CMHA Calgary in memory of Phillip Thomas. Phillip passed away in 2019 at the age of 25, following a mental health battle. More information about Phillip is included on the EQUIPPED website and throughout the courses and workbooks.

If you have any further questions about EQUIPPED, please connect with our info line ( 


You are not alone. There is help.

If you cannot find someone you trust who is willing to support you, dial a crisis line right away at 403-266-HELP (4357) All crisis lines are confidential.